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June 21, 2005
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Episode #2: Section 6 and the Timid Beauty

The phone call woke up half of the Hinata, (Naru and Kaolla) Kaolla got to it first.
<I am sorry the number you are calling no longer exists.>
<No, Suu give me that, I am sorry about that, Suu  go sit down!, hello how may I help you?>
<Um..... ok, this is Section 6 calling would a Cris Leary be in?>
<Yes he is asleep let me get him for you.>
<Thank you.>
Naru put down the phone and went to Cris' room and knocked on the door, she heard a few grumbles and the sound of Cris moving.
<We don't want none!> Cris replied to the knocking.
<No you baka it's me Naru, Some people from Section 6 are calling for you, get up now!!!!> Cris turned over in his sleep then clued into as whom is calling for him. He bolted up right and jumped out of bed clad only in green cargo paints, he ran out his door blowing past Naru and straight to the phone.
<Hello, Cris Leary here.>
<Ahh Cris, how nice it is to get to talk to you, it's me Shaky. I heard from Matt your living in Japan now, good we need you at headquarters, we're having problems with your latest project and need your help.>
<Ya sure, what time should I come down?>
<I am in a van heading over to pick you up now, and I trust, you have more then a pair of paints on?>
<Not yet, you woke me up, but this seems important so imma let you go so I can change and have a shower,ok?>
<Ok, I will be there in 15.>
Cris hung up the phone and turned around only to come face to face with Naru and a vary curious Kaolla. Mitsune was probably still passed out from the heavy drinking she did last night.
<Um, what can I help you two with?>
<Why is this 'Section 6' calling you?> Naru Barked.
<Um, well I didn't want to tell you guys about it, but looks like I have no choice, it's Square Enix's Section 6, and I am a... well I work for them.> Suu's eyes grew as large as dinner plates.
<What games have you worked on?>
<May we talk about this later, I need to have a shower and get ready, they need me at H.Q.>
<Well then Cris why don't you take Suu and I along with you?>
<Um, ok I see no reason why not, you'll need to get dressed, Shaky will be here in 15 to pick us up.> Kaolla bounded down the hall to get dressed, Cris marveled at the energy of the small girl and Naru slugged him for his troubles. He got dressed in Green kakies, beside  the leg pocket on the upper left side there was a little band that housed a pocket knife in plane view, even more so since the knife was silver and the paints were green. He also had on a black t-shirt with a skull on it. He gathered all the things he needed and picked up his laptop then waited for the girls and Shaky. Naru was the first down, she wore a red mini-skirt and a blue sweatshirt. Kaolla came down shortly after dressed in a black Final Fantasy X-2 t-shirt and a black Squire Enix hat, she also had a pair of black shorts on, Cris gave her a funny look, in his eyes she looked pretty gothic, with her dark skin and platinum blond hair, clad in the all black, the only thing that kept her from that was the logos. A few minuets later a black van bearing the Squire Enix logo with a small Section 6 underneath pulled up out fount at the bottom of the amazingly long stairs and a Japanease man stepped out of the driver's seat, he waved up to Cris and walked over to him, he must have been in good shape because he made it up the stairs in record time. He was in his late 20's with short black hair and a little black mustache, a soul patch if you will. He was wearing a black Square Enix hat, t-shirt and oddly enough black shorts, just like Kaolla's, this freaked Cris and Naru out a little.
<Hello Cris, it's good to see you again, and who are these people?> He gestured to Naru and Kaolla.
<Shaky, these are the people I live with, Naru Narusagawa and Kaolla Suu. I am there manager, is it ok if they come with us? Kaolla here is a big fan of our work. Oh and girls this is Shaky Ukati, one of the employees at Square.>
<Nice to meet you Mr. Ukati> Naru said, Suu just wanted his answer about them going not his name.
<Sure man it's ok with me, and it is nice to meet you too miss Narusagawa, and Miss Suu, but they better not distract you, 'cause you've got a lot of work to do.>
<What is distraction? is distraction, good to eat?> Suu chirped.
<th'll be fine> Cris said heading down towards the van, he opened the side door for Naru and Suu, shut it got in and off they went, Kaolla bouncing all the way.


Thought they had only known him for about two days, they knew  something was wrong with him, the whole car ride to the Squire Enix building he was quiet and peaceful. All he did was look out the window and thought to himself, Naru got wind of this first, because Kaolla was to hyper about there destination. Naru reached up and genitally tapped Cris on the shoulder.
<What is the matter Cris?> she asked quietly, trying not to attract the attention of Shaky and Kaolla.
<Nothing miss Narusagawa, why do you ask?> he replied looking over to her with the ut-most care-free-niss in his eyes.
<Well your acting strangely and what's with the look?> she shot a look of confusion back at him, and he flinched.
< Nothing,  n... never mind... it's none of your concern.> he looked back out the window, trying to avoid anymore conversation, but Naru would have no part of it, (and nether would we, because then the story would get boring and suck.) she reached over and smashed his shoulder into the dash bored of the van. He painfully looked back to her only to get the full force of her punch into his nose. His head snapped back with unnatural speed and a sickening snap. Naur's eyes flashed into horror for a second then back to anger.
<Woh, what's going on here, Cris are you ok?>
Shaky slammed on the breaks and pulled the van to the side of the road. Then he looked over to his passenger, who had slumped over the back of his seat. Naru looked out the window and crossed her arms, still wanting to beat the Manager some more, bloody pulp was good enough for her but with Shaky and Kaolla in the van that wouldn't happen, Kaolla jumped out of the van then on top of it pouting about why the van stopped, she didn't care about the loser unless he finished taking her to Square Enix.
<Cris, get up you said we are going to Square Enix, not the side of the road!!> Kaolla complained.
<Miss Suu, we need to get Cris to a hospital, not H.Q, I think his neck is broken. That's some punch you got there.>
Shaky said shaking Cris. The Canadian opened his eyes and lifted his head, he looked around at Shaky and then Naru, he was a little confused about where Kaolla had gone off to but in his mind as long as the truck that hit him didn't come back he was ok.
<Did you get the license plate off the truck that hit me?>
<It wasn't a truck baka, it was me, and you deserved it.>
She looked over the the baka and cracked her fingers, with a faint smile playing across her lips. Suu dropped her head down the side of the van to Cris' window.
<Are we ready to go, go, go?>
Cris wiped the blood from his face and nodded, Kaolla jumped back into the van. Shaky started it and the were off, it took them another fifteen minits to get the the Square Enix building and before the van stopped Suu was out and at the doors, waiting for the others to come and open them. Cris was next to her first, then Shaky then Naru behind her, keeping a watchful eye of Cris, looking for the slightest provocation. Shaky opened the door and walked inside, with Kaolla hot on his tail, Cris strolled in and Naru fallowed.
<Well girls you'll need to go the security department to get an access pass, they know your coming it's just down there, you'll have access to everything except the Directors room and the top floors, me and Mr. Leary here will be up in Department 6 if you need us, shall we Mr. Leary?>
<Mr. Leary? What is that all about?>
Naru asked confused about what the hell is going on.
<Yes Mr. Leary, he is head of our division, the youngest head we have ever had.>
Cris gave Shaky a funny look and Shaky winked at him. With that they (Cris and Shaky) left for there devision to get the work started, the rest of Cris' team would be waiting. Naru led Suu to the area Shaky told them to go, when they opened the door there was two guards there, each one looked as though they could pick up the Hinata and throw it to Canada.
<Um... hello, I am Naru Narusagawa and this is Kaolla Suu, Shaky sent us to get passes?>
the bigger of the two got up and pulled a camera out of no where and took there pictures. He then handed them a I.D. Card with there names and picture on it, they both said level one employee. Naru caught wind of this and was confused.
<Um... what is the meaning of this?> The big one answered her question.
<Well we pulled both your files and the director gave you jobs wile your here, you'll both be helping out in Section 6 with papers and filing, mail you know nothing to big,but you'll be paid 150 yen and hour, it's yours if you want it.> there was a smile on the guards face when he said this and Naru nodded, she had been meaning to get a job, but her studying got in the way.
<Thank you minster, what way is it to section 6?>
<Take the elevator up to floor 6 and there you go, nice to be working with you Miss Narusagawa.> Naru and Suu turned on there heels and dashed to the elevator, Suu talking about what is a job and if it would be good to eat. They reached Section 6 and it was not as they expected. There was a lot of computers, Play Station 2s here and there. Some people scurrying about doing there appointed tasks and they could not see “Mr. Leary” or Shaky anywhere. A young girl stopped in-front of them, she was about 22 with long brown hair not unlike Naru's, she wore glasses and a little black mini-skirt and a white t-shirt. She also wore a smile. She looked over there I.D. Cards.
<hello, you must be the new girls the director was talking about nice to meet you my name is Shion, and I am a game producer, the director wanted to see you when you got here, his office is down the hall and the third door on the left, he is a pushover, has a job in some all girls dorm, it sounds perverted but the director is a nice enough , good luck, and girls, give it your best shot!> with that Shion was gone, off to do what ever work she needed to do.. they walked down the hall, looking at all the posters of games that Section 6 has created, the newest being Front Mission 4. they reached the “bosses” door, and opened it up to reveal a vary uneasy looking Cris.
“hello girls, welcome to my.. office, it is nice to have you here, please sit down.” he pointed to two chairs for them to sit, when they did Shaky started laughing, and Cris shivered. The door opened again and a Woman entered with a little girl fallowing her, the girl had short blue hair and was vary shy, she wore a long sleeved short dress with “unbroken” on it and it was dark blue with black sleeves, her eyes here blue(?) and she walked in the woman's shadow, the woman was of fair completion and looked vary mad talking on the phone, when she seen Cris she smiled and hung up the phone she was on, she pushed Cris out of the chair and sat down, the girl sat at a desk behind her, it was hidden from view by the womans desk.
“just the man i want to see, Cris, i have been informed that you are the manager to an All girl's dorm, am I right?”
she was looking over the girls as she said this.
“yes I am, why do you ask Miss Meahara?” he was looking past her at the young girl she seemed to be crying .
“well you see, this is my daughter and me and her father are devoicing, and she can't come live with me and her father is a taxi driver and cant support her so would you take her and I'll pay her room and bored, her name is Shinobu, SHINOBU, she hello and greet our guests.” Shinobu stood bowed and said something vary quietly, her mother snapped at her and she said it louder.
“hello my name is Shinobu Meahara and it is vary nice to meet you.”
everyone greeted and then Miss Meahara spoke again.
“I”ll put her into your custody, she'll be your adopted daughter, you've proved your self responsibul time and time again, and i feel like you can take care of the girl, better then me and her no good father,  and so I drew up the papers and all you have to do is sign them and she is yours.” she pushed a peace of paper in front of him.
“um.. ..can i talk to Shinobu alone for a sec?”
“of corse, why the hell not?”
Cris led Shinobu into his newly appointed cubicle and sat her down “hello miss Shinobu, may i call you that?” she nodded “ok, my name is Cris Leary-” she cut him off.
“and you are from Canada you work for my mother and produce a lot of games for her, you are one of her top designers and she puts a lot of faith in you, she told me it all, thank you.”
“um. ..ok, well do you want to come live with me and Suu and Naru and Kitsune?” she looked down and thought for a wile then looked him in she eyes tears where held back.
“they fight all the time and she does not want me and the courts said i can't go live with my dad, i wanted a way out and so I started cutting, and I just want some place to call home, so please adopt me!” she clung on to him at this time and was sobbing into his chest he put his arms around her.
“it's ok my little one.” she sobbed for fifteen more minutes then back away and wiped the tears away from her eyes. She smiled and led him back to her mothers office, everyone looked at them when they entered and Shinobu smiled again.
“Ill take her, she deserves it”
when they got home Shinobu found herself a room, next to Cris, seeing as a lot of the rooms were empty that was not hard, there was also a door in the back on Shinobu's closet that led to Cris' room, the other girls did not know about it. For the most part the girls were quiet asking Shinobu questions about her past, and Cris told her she did not have to answer any that she did not want to so she was happy with the situation, then dinner time came around Cris groaned he figured out fast that none of the girls could cook so he had to do it himself on top of everything else he had to do. He stood and walked in\to the kitchen only to have his new daughter fallow him, he smiled at her .
“yes, Shin, what can I help you with?”
“well I was hoping that i could help you with dinner, i've always had to cook for my self so i'm a good cook.
“All right then, kick ass!” that night they ate the best dishes in the worlk, Shinobu's cooking was the best....
well this is chapt 2 and it introduces a new char, chap three does as well but i have to write that still, this char is Shinobu and she is in one of my drawings (Shinobu) um, i hope you like it thatnk you
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I though Cris though Elle's cooking was the best:( Poor Elle. You should continue this series. Please please please? Pretty please with a cherry on top. I want to find out more about everything and yeah.
Cris, your stories are very good^^ And that was so nice of the cahracter, Cris to adopt Shinobu....He seems a lot like you, a nice person
he was madled after me.....hence the name....
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